Our Fall Hygge Box Is Available for Purchase!


You can now officially place your order for The FALL Hygge Family Box! Now it’s really time to light your candles, pull out the cozy blankets and create warmth and comfort for your soul. We are so excited about what is included in the FALL Box and know that it will create togetherness and special memories for you and your loved ones. This box is extra special because for the first time Stina and I are contributors and we’ll be launching our luxury candle line in the box! In each box you’ll receive one of our beautiful 10oz Hygge Space Komfort candles (comfort in Danish) made from pure coconut wax and beeswax and 100% essential oils. Not only are these candles meant to bring a beautiful fragrance into your home and make it look nice and cozy they are also designed to help with mood and make us feel good! Komfort is made with a combination of sweet orange, almond and clove essential oils. Stina and I have spent many days and hours testing, pouring and making sure this scent is perfect and safe for you and your family and we can’t wait for you to have one in your house!

The Details: 

* A box full of local gifts perfect to practice Hygge in Fall and all year round 

* 8 to 10 full-sized local items that align with our mission to bring families together 

* Retail value of over $250 for only $120

* All items are perfect for this time of social distancing 

* Ideal for families with kids ages 2 to 12 

* The perfect gift that can be mailed directly to another family 

* Includes the Hygge Family Challenge with 30 activities to do together. Join our online community completing the challenges together. 

* Activity sheets to do as a family that will guide you through many fun ways to use the items in the box

* Instructions on how to bring more Hygge into your home. 

* No shipping charge for in-store pick up or delivery within 10km

* Best of all memories for years to come!

Place your order and click the link below.

Purchase My Hygge Box

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