Summer Hygge

The Danes and Norwegians look at Hygge as a recipe for a healthier and happier life. Having dinner with friends on a winter’s night, gathering around the fireplace with family during the holidays, or enjoying a candlelight dinner with a loved one are all examples of Hygge. But, winter is not the only time of year to embrace Hygge.
Hygge is really about taking the time to enjoy the simple and good things in life.

So… how can we embrace Hygge in the summer?

Dine outside. Host a barbeque, picnic or garden party in your own backyard. There’s nothing that spells happiness more than good weather, good friends, and good food!

Bring fresh fresh flowers in. There’s nothing more simple than a beautiful bouquet to brighten your spirits!

Freshen up your home with light and airy clean colors. Add light coloured throw pillows and throw blankets.

Instead of getting hyggelig inside with candles get hyggelig outside with lanterns and twinkle lights.

The Hygge Family box is filled with all sorts items to help you embrace summer hygge! To find out more about our seasonal box or to purchase one of boxes tap Here. 🥰

Hygge Family Box – FALL BOX

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