Inquiry and Concept-Based Teaching and Learning with Misty Paterson


I am thrilled and honuored to have Misty Paterson on our podcast. I have known Misty as a friend, colleague and mentor for the past 6 years. From the minute I met her I knew we would be friends. Misty is kind, generous, creative, and incredibly inspiring. We first met when she offered her time to come in and mentor my colleague and I who were about to teach Kindergarten for the VERY first time. She shared her expertise, her passions, her resources and her time with us. I could have talked to her for hours, days, weeks….!!! About education, classroom design, concept and inquiry-based teaching and learning and life being a parent and an educator. 

Misty has two amazing children whom I have had the privilege of teaching  over the last 6 years. Both of her children embody many of the qualities I love about Misty while also being unique and curious little souls of their own. Misty balances parenting, teaching, mentoring, consulting and writing. She recently published her first book titled “Pop-up Studio – PLAYFULLY IGNITING AGENCY, ARTISTRY, AND UNDERSTANDING WITH CONCEPTS AND COMPELLING MATERIALS.” This design guide features Janice Novakowski, Misty’s contributing author, teacher-consultant,  and a dear friend.

Misty has a B.Ed.; M.A in Curriculum and Instruction. She is a certified* independent consultant specializing in inquiry and concept-based pedagogy. With twenty years in education, Misty has facilitated school visioning and inquiry-based curricula with hundreds of children, educators, and families promoting authenticity, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. Misty is a Dr Lynn Erickson and Dr Lois Lanning certified Presenter and Trainer of Concept-based Curriculum and Instruction. 

As a practising teacher, Misty’s passion for personalized practices is kindled and informed by classroom experiences, theoretical readings, current research, and previously held positions such as:

  • Program Advisor for the Vancouver Biennale; 
  • Adjunct Teaching Professor and Cohort Coordinator at UBC  
  • Vice-Principal with West Vancouver School District; and 
  • PYP Coordinator at West Bay Elementary in West Vancouver, BC establishing the first IB PYP public school in Western Canada

Additionally, Misty has taught internationally in Australia and China. She loves learning about our beautiful and complex world alongside others.

We hope you enjoy learning and inquiring with Misty on our second podcast of our Education Series! We discuss balancing parenting, teaching, learning and writing, some of Misty’s experiences with Inquiry and Concept-Based Learning with students, how you can incorporate “Pop-Up Studio” experiences into your daily life at home with your children and finally we talk all about Misty’s new book! 

~ Stina




Podcast Discussion Links:

To watch the video of the service project Misty’s students facilitated please click the link below:

To check out the Learning Pit video discussed in the podcast click the link below:

To learn more or purchase Misty’s book through Amazon please make sure to check out Misty’s website:

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