Episode 10 – Outdoor Learning and Risky Play


We are incredibly excited and grateful that Megan and Sarah joined us on The Mind Full Mommies Podcast Education Series to talk about their work in Outdoor Learning, School Gardens and Risky Play. 

Sarah is not only one of Stina’s best friends in the whole world, she is a mom to two amazing boys, a talented quilter and crafter, an athlete, and a dedicated and passionate elementary school teacher. She has taught Kindergarten, Physical Education, ESL, and Outdoor Learning in the Classroom Garden. Stina and Sarah have been through a LOT together over the years from Late French Immersion, High School, weddings, Diploma Programs, having our first babies 6 weeks a part, spending almost every day of our first mat leaves together, and now not only are they friends they get to watch their children be friends too. When Sarah tells stories about her days teaching outdoors and in the garden, her excitement and love for her job is infectious

Megan is the mom of three, wife to one and teacher to many! She has been an inspiration to Stina from the first time she met her teaching together at the same school over 10 years ago. Her commitment and passion to her teaching and children is contagious. Stina has always loved visiting her classroom and seeing what the latest activity and lesson she was up to. Most recently Stina had the experience of attending workshops with Megan’s Classroom Gardener program and once again was blown away by her knowledge, devotion and joy for learning outdoors.

She is currently working towards a PhD at UBC in the faculty of education in curriculum and pedagogy. Megan is the author of The Classroom Gardener teacher’s guide and she believes that just about any curricular content can be taught in a school garden!  Megan also offer workshops, teacher professional development, and consulting on a wide range of topics with her “Room to Play” Consulting services. She is a vocal advocate for free, risky, and unstructured nature play who believes it’s time for adults to go back to letting kids climb trees, jump off stuff, and #goplayoutside

Sarah and Megan currently teach outdoors (part time) at a local K-7 public school and piloted a re-think of how we allocate prep time in our schools. They teach outside all day and do not have an indoor space to teach in!  The children who participate in the garden/ outdoor classroom program receive 100 minutes per week of outdoor learning, in all weather and seasons.

Check out podcast #10 of the Mind Full Mommies to listen to us dig deep into the garden of learning with these two incredible experts!

XO Stina & Bre

If you would like to learn more about Megan and Sarah’s work make sure to follow @roomtoplay and @theclassroomgardener on instagram, twitter and Pintrest and make sure to check out Megan’s website at meganzeni.com for more information and resources all about Outdoor Classrooms, School Gardens and Risky Play!

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