6 Orton Gillingham Tips to Help Boost Your Child’s Reading

Is your child struggling with reading? Here’s 6 Orton Gillingham tips that can help to give your child the boost he or she needs.

1. Practice Phonics

Phonics is the teaching of each individual letter sound. By teaching phonics you’re giving your child the tools to break down words into their sounds versus expecting them to memorize them.

2. Teach Sight Words

Sight words are words that you cannot sound out phonetically. Sight Words are learned by lots of repetition and memorization.

3. Purchase phonics-based books that you can practice with them. I will put a link in our bio of my favourite ones.

4. Start a Reading Prize Chart have your child read one phonics book per night that they can add to their prize chart. Once they complete the chart they get a prize. This will help to keep them motivated and make it more fun for them.

5. Take turns reading with them. If reading has become laborious take turns reading with each other. You read a page and then they read a page. Then they can also listen to your fluency and read along with you. Point with your finger as you read so they can follow along.

6. Build Confidence! Confidence is half the battle if you celebrate small successes they’ll be more inclined and excited about their progress and will want to read more. Praise them and be excited for them when they complete a book or learn a new sound etc.

For my favourite resources to use with my students and my own kids go to the link in our bio.

Links to My Favourite Resources on Amazon

Primary Phonics Readers


Bob Book Readers


Explode the Code Work Books


Reading Charts


Sight Word Flash Cards


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