3 Activities You can do With Your Child Today that will Ensure they Enter Kindergarten with Confidence!

Do you want your child to enter kindergarten feeling confident and excited to walk through the doors? This is the podcast you must listen to! On Episode 4 we interviewed Tennessee Briand who is the cofounder of Little House Tutoring and  Education Centre in Vancouver British Columbia. As a passionate educator, Tennessee has worked with children for most of her adult life. 

Tenessee believes that learning should be fun, and that Little House should be a place of warmth and comfort for all students. She wants every student to have a positive memory of his or her educational journey and each to feel special and important at Little House. She considers her day a success when she sees a child make a complete turnaround from being terrified of the challenges that another day could bring, to being excited about tomorrow and its possibilities.

One of Tenessee’s strengths is in communicating with kids who have learning challenges and behavioural struggles–often a two way street. The behavioural struggles are a symptom of the extreme frustration the child is feeling toward learning. Tess encourages early intervention, and has a true gift for working through these troubles with her students. She works closely with the parents to help them understand what their children are going through. 

On this episode We discuss the importance Of building a strong pre-kindergarten literacy program for your child. We talk about options to help support your child in building a solid foundation. Stina brings her experience as a kindergarten teacher and talks about some of the expectations teachers are watching for, as well as Bre and Tess walk you through all sorts of great tools and learning activities that you can do with your child at home to give them a strong start that will make it fun for the both of you! Click Here to listen to our podcast http://themindfullmommies.libsyn.com/the-importance-of-early-learning-and-how-to-build-a-solid-foundation-for-your-child

Here are 3 solid activities you can do with your child today!

  1. Name Practice-place their name all over the house. On the fridge, in their room, in their play space and have them point out the letters you call out. Have them find their name using any opportunity you have outside of the house.
  2. Play Matching Games with the Alphabet-There are all sorts of ways to get creative using toys and stickers. Match upper case to upper case, lower case to lower case and upper case to lower case.
  3. Play what do you hear? Pick up a toy and say ” This is a car. What do you hear? ccc car! C says /k/ for car.” Then practice matching sounds with toys. “put the c on the car.”

Do you want to know more about Tennessee and Little House Tutoring and Education Centre? Visit the website at http://www.littlehousetutoring.com/phone/about.html#founders

Instagram @littlehousetutoring


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