Today I Almost Threw in the Parenting Towel

Today I almost threw in the parent towel. I went to pick my children up from the spring camp that I had signed them up for. I thought today will be the day I will walk in and I’ll be able to do it without the stroller. We made it in fine with a little struggle. My arms were full with bags and I had a toddler on my hip and one holding my hand but we made it in. When the camp was over I went to pick them up and brought them out and we made our way slowly to the car.

As we were leaving and walking down the steps, all of a sudden whining started to happen, snacks were being requested and they wanted a treat from the store inside the building. I had nothing for them and I definitely was not going to stop for a treat while my hands were full. I thought “Oh no here we go! “I could feel an epic meltdown coming on. So as we walked out to the parking lot I continued to remind them that that we would have a snack when we got to the car but that wasn’t enough. Both, at the EXACT SAME TIME dropped to their knees in the middle of the parking lot and started kicking and screaming. Cars were coming from all directions and my hands were completely full with bags and of course spring art projects that they had made at their camp. I literally froze and didn’t know what to do. I thought to myself, “ How am I going to make it to the car without looking like I am kidnapping these children or that I’m a complete failure as a mother and I have no control over my children?”

As I was trying to pick up the pieces, this lovely lady noticed my struggle and came over, tapped me on the shoulder and in the sweetest voice like an angel from the heavens said, “Can I help you?” I looked at her with I’m sure a look of relief and said, “Yes please. “ as she grabbed one of my kids and I grab the other we made it back to the car.

She talked to me and told me about how she remembers these times and that she was in my place 30 years ago. She said it’s one of the hardest times but you will get through it and you’ll look back and actually miss it. So thank you to the lady from the heavens because who knows what would have happened.

What a great reminder. Instead of judging people ask how you can help.

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