Learning Activities

Here are a few ideas and suggestions for ways to spend quality time with your kiddos while keeping their brains (and yours!) active and having fun together anytime!

Ideas for Pre-school and Elementary aged learners:

Check out your local library for books and activities ⁣

Read books together outside under a tree or inside on the floor⁣

Go to the museum or the aquarium and notice all the signs around⁣

Have your kids write a journal⁣

Incorporate math into every day activities like estimating grocery bills, counting collections of toys, baking cookies ⁣

Make learning into games (check out Bre’s learning activities for pre-schoolers in our highlights) ⁣

Drawing letters or words in the sand at the beach, making mandalas with found materials ⁣


Build a lemonade stand and have them help with the money⁣

For more details and ideas, check out our blog post! And don’t forget to follow along in our stories to see what we get up to with our kids this week.⁣

Ideas for Pre-school aged learners :

Matching lowercase and uppercase letters with magnets ⁣

Colour sorting with stickers on construction paper.⁣

Sorting shapes in an ice cube tray.⁣

Alphabet fishing in the bathtub. Use alphabet magnets and asked them to pull out the letters that you call out.⁣

Car parking in an old box. Match the colour of the car to the colour in the parking stall. You’ll have to get creative and use felts for the parking stalls. ⁣

Create an alphabet hunt in the house. Tape letters all over the house and yell out the letters and tell them to go and find them and bring them back to you.⁣

String Cheerios. This is great for fine motor practice.⁣

For videos on how you can do these activities visit our instagram page @themindfullmommies

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